Proposals for master degree projects in Molecular Biology

Proposal for master degree projects in:

Animal Physiology

Effects of acute and long-term treatment with thylakoids on anxiety and depression like behaviour in rodents

Supervisor Emil Egecioglu

Effect of chemotherapeutic treatment on cancer stem cells in neuroblstoma grown in normoxia or hypoxia

Supervisor Stina Oredsson

Effect of chemotherapeutic treatment on cancer stem cells in breast cancer grown in normoxia or hypoxia

Supervisor Stina Oredsson

Dose response studies of combining chemotherapeutic drugs on cells cultivated in normoxia or hypoxia

Supervisor Stina Oredsson



Complement in the clearance of apoptopic cells – prevention of autoimmune diseases

Supervisor Anna Blom, Protein Chemistry



Experimental evolution of pathogenic yeast Candida glabrata

Supervisor Jure Piskur

Molecular biology and genetics of non-conventional yeasts

Supervisor Jure Piskur

Birth of new genes through duplications: analysis of genes and enzymes involved in metabolism of nucleic acids precursors

Supervisor Jure Piskur

Saccharomyces castellii:
a new yeast model system

Supervisor Marita Cohn

How does Cdc13 regulate the telomerase elongation?

Supervisor Marita Cohn

Deoxyribuncleoside kinases as gene drugs

Supervisor Jure Piskur

Non-conventional yeasts and yeast evolution

Supervisor Jure Piskur

Genetic factors determining virulence of pathogenic yeasts

Supervisor Jure Piskur



Mycobacterial suppression of adaptive immunity – implications for vaccine development

Supervisor Fredric Carlsson

Functional characterization of coiled coil proteins with a putative role in cell architecture

Supervisor Nora Ausmees

Molecular basis of heme and hemoprotein biogenesis

Supervisor Lars Hederstedt

Endospore biogenesis

Supervisor Lars Hederstedt

Biology of a bacterial redox sensing system

Supervisor Claes von Wachenfeldt

How are soil bacteria coping with oxidative stress?

Supervisor Claes von Wachenfeldt


Molecular Plant Biology

NAD(P)H redox regulation in plants

Supervisor Allan Rasmusson

Interactions between plants and fungal peptides

Supervisor Allan Rasmusson and Susanne Widell



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